The Cringe Gamer

I play the cringe and tell you about it. All titles are played on physical copies in my possession (if I use emulation I'll tell you)

Why Cringe Gaming?

I came up with the idea of ‘cringe gaming’ as a tongue in cheek response. Obviously I have some affection towards these sort of titles, primarily from Japan or with a Japanese influence, otherwise I wouldn’t be talking about them en masse. Most people however won’t play these games, or see them something as niche’ or strange.

Everything serves as kind of a second review or revisiting of sorts. Most all of these titles that I have and will talk about are fairly old. I also want to play them as they would have been played; physically, where possible. To that end I want to try and avoid speaking about games played solely through emulation, sans if it’s the only way to play a title or for speaking about a particular subject or topic. Anyone can download an emulator, ROMs, and play. Many less are going to buy (or retain) a console, import specific titles, wait for them, work out ways to play them, etc.

I had thought about actually playing through titles, recording the gameplay, and giving feedback, however I considered a lot against it. One, I would have to come up with a script that I’d then have to read aloud. Second, there’s already plenty of gaming videos out there and I’d just be adding to the piles. Third, would anyone even watch any of it?

I have quite a selection of material to go over and will continuously update with games I have played or am playing, along with select commentary and observation pieces as I see fit.

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